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Snap Your Solution Contest Winners


Which generation do you really belong to?


Your final paper for sociology class is due next week. What’s your chosen topic?

Do you follow fashion trends?

What’s your biggest strength?

What’s your dream career?

How do you feel about middle parts?

What does the skull emoji signify to you?

Which generation do you really belong to?
Member of Generation X!
Congratulations — you belong to one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial generations in recent history. You solve tough problems, and you look for solutions others might have ignored. Your relationship with technology is an interesting one — you’re comfortable with using it (you may even be a technological savant) but you don’t feel the need to use it at all times, and you’d prefer an in-person conversation to a digital one. You’re from the land of MTV, post-punk, and Atari Breakout — enjoy it!
Congratulations — you belong to one of the most tech-savvy, accepting generations in recent history. You’re a digital native, and view challenges as a natural part of life while working hard to overcome them. You define your life on your own terms, eschewing arbitrary markers of success in favor of your own fulfilment and sense of civic duty. You belong to the era of the Backstreet Boys and MySpace – own it!
Member of Generation Z!
Congratulations — you belong to one of the most adaptable, pragmatic generations in recent history. A true digital native, you use the Internet and social media with ease while also making time for real life experiences. You indulge various aspects of your personality and interests, and may enjoy several unrelated pastimes or spend time with individuals from all walks of life. You’re incredibly civically conscious, and your beliefs play an important role in the media you consume, the subjects you study, and the causes you support. You’re from the era of Instagram and One Direction — that’s what makes [Generation Z] beautiful!
Member of Generation Alpha!
Congratulations — you’re from what will be the most diverse and well-educated generation in modern history. You’re deeply conscious about your impact on the world, and that consciousness extends to your food choices, travel methods, and media consumption. Your future remains an exciting mystery, and you’re embracing the challenge. After all, you’re from the land of the future — make it a great one!


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