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Force Me To Vote

Some democracies require their citizens to cast ballots in every election, leading to sky-high turnout. Should the U.S. join them?


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Snap Your Solution Contest Winners


Which Political Figure From Media Are You?


What’s your favorite breakfast food?

What’s your dream vacation destination?

What’s your favorite trait about yourself?

How would you prefer to watch a movie?

What’s your leadership philosophy?

Which Political Figure From Media Are You?
Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)!

A bold thinker and loyal colleague, you’re continually coming up with fresh ideas and finding ways to make even the most impossible of ideas work. Your friends admire you for your relentless work ethic, and your parents, teachers, and coaches know that when you commit to something, you’ll see it through.
you’re Prime Minister David (Love Actually)!

Although you’re clearly smart, ambitious, and goal-oriented, you never take those around you for granted. Your definition of ‘getting things done’ always includes a hefty helping of jokes and goofing around, and your colleagues and peers inevitably transform into close friends. You view civic life as an arena to fight for your values and the people you care about, and you always leave a volunteering event or lecture series feeling emboldened and ready to fight.
you’re Selina Meyer (Veep)!

The embodiment of humor and efficiency, you’re a go-getter that embraces life’s messiness without sacrificing your goals. You understand that plans can be soiled and life never goes as expected, but you view this realization as a challenge, not a disappointment. To you, civic life is a way to prove to yourself that you can fight for a cause you believe in.
you’re Mr. Smith (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)!

If someone looked up ‘ethical’ in the dictionary, the definition would proudly display a picture of your face. You’re a leader who is deeply committed to your cause, and you don’t get distracted by temptations like money, fame, or popularity. You recognize that the world is incentivized by factors other than honesty and integrity, but you also recognize that one person – you – can make a difference. Your charismatic honesty makes the world a safer place for those around you.


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