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Fly Your Flag

Design a flag that shows us YOUR America… That was the prompt for our first Kidizenship contest. We asked middle and high school students to celebrate our national symbol–or challenge it. The American identity is beautifully vast and varied, and the amazing submissions that poured in were, too. 

Reimaging this symbol is a uniquely American exercise.  For decades, famous artists including Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, and Amy Sherald have shared their own interpretations of the flag. Artists have printed the flag in neon colors, painted people dancing across its stripes, woven its colors into landscapes, turned it upside down. Sometimes their art doesn’t look like the traditional flag at all–but it is still a symbol of America, seen through the artist’s eyes. We were blown away by the results of this first contest… Check them out:

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Kidizenship is a non-partisan, non-profit media platform for tweens and teens that reaches beyond the classroom, merging civics education with creative self-expression and community action.