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You’re Needed In Washington! What Role Could You Take On The Presidential Campaign Trail?


Which club would you most like to join in school?

Say you had to make a pitch on Shark Tank. How would you persuade the Sharks to invest in your company?

What do you do to relax?

What’s your favorite class?

You're Needed In Washington! What Role Could You Take On The Presidential Campaign Trail?
Data whiz
You have a gift for numbers, and you’ll use it to help your campaign make sense of all the data pouring into headquarters. You’ll find new ways to reach voters, identify new groups of voters to pursue and plan how best to deploy the campaign’s resources.
You’re at your best when you’re telling a story. You’ll help the campaign spread its message across the country, working with reporters and advertisers to build support among key voting groups.
Field worker
You love to be face-to-face with other people. Thanks to your interpersonal skills, you’ll be knocking doors, holding town hall meetings and getting voters to the polls. You make strategy real!
Policy wonk
You love going in-depth into an issue. Thanks to your skills with research and organization, you’ll create policy proposals so voters know what your campaign stands for and what your candidate will do if elected to office.


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